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20 Affirmations for the Self-Help Fanatic.

  1. I already have everything within me to be, do, and have all that I want in this life.
  2. The knowledge I need to live the life of my dreams comes from within.
  3. I choose to take action on the information I am absorbing.
  4. I am grateful for this journey through life.
  5. I listen to my body and take breaks before I reach burnout.
  6. My time is valuable to me, so I spend it focusing on what truly matters in my life.
  7. I take the time to absorb the information I am viewing so I can implement it as quickly as possible.
  8. I only invest in personal development books, courses, or coaching if I am willing to do the work.
  9. I know how powerful I am.
  10. I trust myself to make the right decisions for my life.
  11. My life is my responsibility and I am the only one who has the ability to change it.
  12. I have the ability to create whatever I want for my life right now.
  13. When I am committed to my vision, everything goes much smoother.
  14. External validation is an added bonus because I am capable of validating myself.
  15. One tiny action every day leads me to big results.
  16. I define success for myself.
  17. I no longer downplay my skills and abilities.
  18. I am grateful for the ability to learn from so many other brilliant people.
  19. I am a badass because Jen Sincero told me so.
  20. I am Rich As F*ck because Amanda Frances said so.
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