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3 Ways to Extinguish Your Mental Dumpster Fire.

There are approximately 3,457 thoughts running through my mind at the moment. I need to update my Pinterest pins, learn how to make $5,000 a month with blogging, and keep up with the lives of my 10,000 followers on TikTok. It’s like a mental dumpster fire. There is NOT enough time in a day to do everything that is on my mind.

3 ways to extinguish your mental dumpster fire

In these moments, there is only ONE solution… Intentional brain dump.

“What do I want right now?”

I have the plan to do everything I want to do and it requires that I pay attention to how I’m spending my time and energy. I LOVE mindlessly scrolling social media, but it just adds to the anxiety dumpster fire in my mind.

If you’re someone who often experiences the mental dumpster fire, there are a few ways to put it out.

Here are the 3 ways I extinguish my mental dumpster fire:

  1. Dump everything in your mind using the journaling method of your choice.
    You can use pencil and paper, voice memos on your phone, video journaling, or any other form of journaling that’s out there.
    When I get to this point, I choose to use pen and paper.
    At the top of my paper I write, “What do I want right now?” and I answer as honestly as possible.
  2. Get out in nature or tap into the activities that allow you to feel at peace.
    My favorite activity is going to the lake and just enjoying the stillness of it all. Anxiety is the action of worrying about the future or things that are out of our control. There is no deadline in life. Everything will happen in its own time. The only thing causing your mind to spiral is the thought that everything has to be done RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t. Take a break.
  3. Stop scrolling social media.
    Everyone looks like they have their shit together and you’re falling behind. That’s not true. You’re in two different races. If you need to walk or crawl, that’s okay. Slow down. Give yourself time and space to process what you actually want to do with your energy. You’ll get there when you get there.

If your mental dumpster fire gets the best of you more often than not, it might be time to Silence Your Inner Critic!

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