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5 Simple Content Creation Tips for Authentic Content

There’s only one thing I love more than writing, and that’s talking. My mind speaks so fast that my hands can’t keep up!  In 2021, I launched my very first podcast! I had no idea what to do or how to operate it, but I started it and did my best! I quickly discovered that people love podcasts because they’re easy to utilize! 

I am enough. You are enough. We are enough!

After a few months of publishing episodes, I fell off the wagon. My inner critic started yelling at me telling me how ridiculous I was for starting something so new with no idea where I would go with it. 

In December 2021, I released my book and my message came full circle. 
I Am Enough to have a podcast.
I Am Enough to share my message.
I Am Enough to be whatever I want in this life. 
This led me to start up my podcast in full force at the beginning of 2022. 
I had also decided that I wanted to take my content one step further and start sharing on YouTube, too! 

I began posting videos all Willy nilly, and just went with the flow! The more I create, the more content that comes through to share with you! 

I’m loving sharing my message and my journey through voice and video! 

If you’d like to tap into my podcast, check out The Intentional Detour.

If you’re more into videos, check out my channel on YouTube.

If you’re someone who’s stepping into content creation, here are a few tips from someone who’s been creating by the seat of her pants for eight years now.

1. Do it scared.

Often, we get caught up in fear of the unknown. Quick tip, you’re a master of the unknown. We’ll dig into that more over in my Master of the Unknown article! If it scares you, it’ll help you grow. Take the first step and the next step will be revealed.

2. Pause & redirect as needed, don’t quit.

Every path connects to the next path that is needed to get to our final destination. When you come to a fork in the road pause and make a decision, but don’t turn around. Keep moving forward.

3. Mess up and try again.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve created something and tossed it all in the trash to start over again. I have so many pieces of content that came through but weren’t ready to publish. I’ve been grateful for that content on the days that I have no idea what to do or share. 

4. Take imperfect action. 

Do what you can with what you have. Perfect is an illusion. Do your best until you know better. Then do better. Always be open to learning and growing. 

5. Celebrate EVERY win.

If you think it’s a win, celebrate it. If you don’t have a group that will celebrate with you, share your win with me. I’ll celebrate with you anytime! 

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