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my only goal in life was to become a mom.

Now, I want to be me.

I’m Tamara, pronounced Tam-uh-ruh. Yes, 95% of people pronounce it wrong. My core essence is love, light, radiance, joy, and peace. I share this with you because it defines WHO I am within. I am me before I am a mom, wife, and businesswoman.

My smile is my signature feature and my hugs are heartwarming. I am from one of the weirdest small towns in Iowa. I am happily married and we have five boys.

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discover why your core essence is so important with Individual Mom

2022 Changed Everything

After 11 years of learning how to be the best mom I could possibly be, I had reached a point of burnout. I was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. As a mom, I couldn’t just QUIT. I had to find a way to start enjoying my life as an individual AND a mom.

In February 2022, I declared that it was F*ck Yes February! If something wasn’t an absolute YES, then it was a quick NO! I met with myself for one minute each day and declared EXACTLY what I wanted to be, do, and have that day. During this process, I discovered why my core essence was so important.

I am shocked that I ended up here…

Today, I own a business to help moms rediscover their core essence so they can experience genuine happiness as an individual. I have an energetic routine that fits me and I no longer have to create a to-do list every night before I go to bed. When I workout, I actually enjoy it and don’t feel like I’m being punished. I get to enjoy my hobbies AND my children.

My intentions here are to share my experiences as a toddler mom of 11 years AND shine a light on the darkness we face knowing that we are completely responsible for our personal well-being AND the wellbeing of our small humans. We get to be moms AND individuals.

I want to share how I dropped the constant worry and transitioned to inspirational thoughts. I want to share how I rediscovered my passions and started living for a whole new purpose. Writing and talking are two of my favorite things and the more that I embrace that, the more that I am able to create! After spending years talking to toddlers, it’s nice to have a space to talk to adults!

No longer silenced

I spent most of my childhood bottling up my thoughts and feelings because I felt like they weren’t important. When I talked, people would talk over me or change the subject. In 2021, I published my book “I Am Enough Because I Say I Am” and it released me from my past. Ever since then, I have been speaking up and sharing my truth with the world.

I share a lot and sometimes it feels like too much, but I allow myself to be me 100% because I know that someone somewhere feels like they are “too much” or “too loud.” I’m here to tell you, it’s okay.

I created SELF The Experiment because I have been on a journey of self-discovery, self-development, and self-mastery for four years. In 2019, I had a deep darkness come to light and it shook up everything from my past. I’ll share more about that here (I’ll link it when it’s complete).

What you can expect:

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