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About Me

In February 2022, I was coming down from the excitement of publishing my first book all while grieving the loss of 8 years as an MLM consultant. I felt like my foundation had completely shattered beneath me and everything I knew about being an entrepreneur was out the window!

One week into February, I made the executive decision to start CEO meetings with myself. I was prepared to take full responsibility for my future and what I was creating for myself and my family. Each day I sat down during nap time, opened my voice recorder on my phone, and started talking about what I truly wanted. If there was something on my list for someone else, I crossed it off. If there was something that didn’t feel right, I crossed it off. I called it “Fuck Yes February” and only completed the tasks that were a FUCK YES.

In less than 24 hours, I began to manifest exactly what I had asked for. The next day, I asked for another desire, and it was fulfilled. This continued for six consecutive days, and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I quickly gathered up what I knew to be true and turned it into a 3-day challenge to share with my community. That’s when my mind was blown. They were seeing the same results!

In April, I ran the #InnerCEOChallenge for 21-days and gave away everything I knew about this experience. Multiple people were manifesting their desires in less than 10 hours. The longer they participated, the quicker they were able to receive their desires.

In October, I documented SELF The Experiment on YouTube and shared my findings for 30 consecutive days. I manifested money, clarity, new business ideas, and so much more.

Now, you can experience this EXACT process in the Inner CEO Challenge.

My mission is to help moms rediscover who they are beyond their roles so they can experience genuine happiness as an individual.

What People Say

I appreciate your advice, love how supportive you are, and so easy to talk with. I know I’m safe to share and am accepted.

Sammie V-S.

You help me keep moving forward and I always know I’m safe and supported.

Angie L.

I actually quit my job because I know I DESERVE better. I don’t think I would have done that if I hadn’t met you and have learned so much form you.

Amanda S.

Let’s rediscover WHO you are beyond your roles.