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From the eyes of a work-at-home mom of five.

Everything I’ve ever wanted to share right here in one blog space! Stick around if you want to see how I manage my life as an individual, a mom, a wife, AND a businesswoman! I’ve never been one to juggle, but it’s my best quality.

Life as an individual.

One of the biggest struggles in my life was learning how to be an adult AND a mom at the same time. I didn’t have much space to be ME. Now that all five boys are in school, I’m learning how to navigate life as an individual.

Mom life.

The only thing I wanted the day I walked out of the hospital was a manual. I didn’t even know how to take care of myself. How did they expect me to know how to take care of a newborn? Postpartum depression didn’t make learning any easier. Now, I’m sharing what I wish I would have known as a new mom AND what I’ve learned throughout the years.

A hobby that pays the bills.

From network marketing to creating my own business… I never knew what I was doing. I was a follower the majority of the time. When I created my own business, I HAD to be able to lead myself. I’m still learning and I’m going to share that journey with you as well.