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How To Take A Social Media Detox

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m a social media addict. When I am not actively participating in a social media detox, I spend way too much time scrolling. Can you relate? If so, stick around. 

how to take a social media detox

I’m going to share why I participate in social media detoxes and how I survive after spending 15+ hours on social media each week! If you want to find out why your life is better when you go offline check out 7 Reasons Your Life is Better When You Take a Break from Social Media.

In 2020, I decided I was going to participate in Disappearing December with my coach, Abigail. She has been participating in it for years and she was talking it up as if it was some holy tradition that changes your life. 

As someone who is a social media addict, I wanted something different but wasn’t too sure if disappearing for an entire month was the appropriate step for me. I wasn’t sure what I would do if I didn’t have all of my social media apps. 

I put on my brave pants and announced that I was going to commit to Disappearing December. Right away the negative voices in my head became VERY loud. “What if you come back and you have no friends? What if your business completely flops Because you walked away for too long? What if you become a nobody?” At that time I believed that success in my business came strictly from showing up on social media. More hours on social media = more clients and sales in my business. Boy, was I wrong. 

That year I had no plan as I went into this detox. I didn’t know how I wanted to spend my time and I ended up relaxing for most of the month. 

When I went back online in January, I had one of the best months of the year! I was appalled. “How could I have the best month ever after a whole month away from social media?!”

It then became clear that “the hustle” doesn’t always create more sales in business. At that moment, I decided I was participating in Disappearing December again the following year. 

That’s where we are as I write this. 

This year was different because my book release was on December 3. I waited a week before I went offline so I could support my customers as they received my book! 

In October, my business shifted into more of what I really want to do in the world and I created a plan for my month away during my social media detox. 

I have spent many hours creating new content for the new year. I have brainstormed new ideas for our future. I feel like I was a little more prepared this time! 

If you’re looking to step away from social media so you can spend more time doing what you REALLY want to do, here are my top five tips. 

1. Sit down and write what you REALLY want to do. 

If everything was aligned perfectly and nobody needed you for a whole month, what would you do?

2. Allow yourself to fully relax. 

I’m talking about lying in the tub with a good book or listening to music while dancing around kind of relaxing. Enjoy meditation from start to finish! What does relaxing look like to you? Do that!

3. Allow yourself to get creative and dream a little. 

Take five minutes to write a song, poem, or chapter of a book. Give yourself time to paint pictures or Kindness rocks. What do you want to create?

4. Do a social media detox more often. 

Showing up for your business every day doesn’t always mean being physically present. It means doing what there is to do for your business to grow. Right now, for me, that means creating content so I’m not overwhelmed in the new year. If you could do a social media detox as often as you wanted, when would you?

5. Give yourself grace.

In 2020, I was afraid I wasn’t doing enough while I was away. That year I needed rest because I had hustled non-stop for seven years. This year, I’ve given myself time to rest, so I chose to use my time to create more for the new year. I tuned into my energy and decided for the day based solely on how I felt and that’s okay. Where can you give yourself grace today?

My final thoughts as I wrap up this post are, if it’s not bringing you joy, why are you doing it? 

Social media is great when we use it as a tool. It’s not great when it sucks us in so much that we can’t get anything else done.

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