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I Chose Sobriety.

I’m writing this on a Sunday and I woke up without:

i chose sobriety

– a hangover 
– smoke breath
– regret
– sadness

You see, it wasn’t always this way. 

My “party days” began when I was sixteen, babysitting for a family who partied every weekend. They’d come home and offer me drinks in their basement while their kids slept. 

I hardly ever turned down an offer because I wanted to fit in. I wanted to feel accepted. That was the first time I drank and the first time I drank too much. 

I lied to my mom often about where I was or what I was doing. She always told me I could call her if I needed help, even if I had broken the rules. She always wanted me safe. 

Many times after partying I would drive home at 25mph, hugging the steering wheel, blinking often so I could make sure I was still on the road. 

I wasn’t someone who drank every night, but when I drank… it always ended in disaster.

Looking back now I see why I acted the way I did and I’m thankful that I’m not her anymore. 

Choosing sobriety was about making my body feel better. Little did I know that I could heal SO MUCH more in the process. 

Friends, alcohol ruins lives. 

If you’re someone struggling to get sober, please reach out. I know it’s not easy and I also know how important it is to the healing process. It’s worth it. 

It may not seem like you have a problem because it’s how you’ve lived your life for so long. If you choose sobriety for even 30 days you’ll see a MAJOR shift. 

Whatever you choose, I’m here for you. My inbox is always open.

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