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Can you hear your inner authority?

While in network marketing, I spent eight years being a copy/paste robot waiting for my company or upline to share a promotion. My mind was foggy and I had no idea what I truly wanted. This made it difficult to hear my own inner authority.

I felt like I was:
– two steps behind.
– a copycat.
– incapable of sharing MY knowledge.

I dimmed my light because I was comfortable under my security blanket.

That tiny voice in the back of my mind whispered, “What if I succeed” every time I leaned out of my comfort zone to check out the next opportunity.

That is, until stepping out of my comfort zone meant getting all the way out from under my security blanket.

When I decided to leave network marketing and start my own business, that tiny whisper was so quiet I could barely hear it. It was still there, but not near as loud as before.

Starting my own business meant taking on more responsibilities. I had to completely lean into my power. I quickly discovered how important it is to release my limiting beliefs.

It was time to trust my inner CEO.

When I sat down with my inner CEO for 28 days and took action, my life changed quickly.

I began:
– calling in people who needed my message.
– making a bigger impact.
– creating the business of my dreams.
– stretching my comfort zone to new limits.
– living as my most authentic self.

trust your inner authority

Trusting my inner authority was the best move possible and now I’m here to help you enhance that tiny whisper in the back of your mind that says, “What if I succeed?!”

If you’re willing to commit to yourself join the Inner CEO Challenge today!

2 thoughts on “Can you hear your inner authority?”

  1. Love this! I’m working through the same thoughts now. I’m finally pushing myself and it’s terrifying and exciting all at once. Here lies the adventure!

  2. I love this because it can sometimes feel so much more rational or reasonable to listen to the voice(s) that tell you that you’re not enough or that you won’t succeed. It can feel vulnerable to embrace the possibility of success!

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