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What is Your Passion?

Writing has always been a passion of mine. As a young girl in grade school, I wrote short stories to be considered for a Young Writer’s Conference. I was eligible to attend for three years and I attended two out of those three years! I loved writing and I loved sharing stories.

what is your passion

My passion soon disappeared into the background when I became distracted. I spent all my time doing things I wanted to be passionate about because I felt like they would allow me to fit in. I thought writing was ‘nerdy’ and if I spent time writing, I wouldn’t be surrounded by friends. Maybe if I participated in extracurricular activities then I would be able to fit in at my school. My passion took a backseat to the “demands” of life.

I was easily distracted.

Sports took up a majority of my free time. I spend a lot of time with boys. If I could spend time doing anything else to try to fit in, I did.

After our fifth child and my third time battling postpartum depression, I started seeing a therapist. Dumping my thoughts with a therapist wasn’t enough. My mind needed to release more. I began journaling, typing, and recording voice memos because there was so much to remove. I had been holding back for so long that it felt like a floodgate had been opened. Creative thoughts were flowing again and I started the process of writing what I thought were three different books.

I had rediscovered my passion. My coach added me to her program, “Write Your Book In 60 Days” for the second time and I ran with it. Each week I set a declaration for how many words I wanted to write. I declared to have my first draft done by my 29th birthday and I finished it two weeks early. Within nine months, I wrote and published my first book.

I haven’t stopped writing or creating since. At the beginning of 2021, I started using my voice to share knowledge on my podcast. In order to share my knowledge in a different way, I started creating videos. I dabbled throughout 2021 and dove in headfirst at the beginning of 2022.

I quickly realized that the more I embrace my gift, the more I had to share.

Are you unknowingly avoiding your passion?
What is your passion?
Not sure of your passion and want to know how to find it again?

Here are a few journaling prompts to help you dig into your subconscious mind and rediscover your passion.

If journaling feels like a daunting task, check out my different ways to journal.

When you were younger, what made you feel joy?

What gives you joy now?

Which activities did you spend hours doing when you were younger?

What do you spend hours doing now?

When you think about doing what you love, what thoughts come up?

What do you really want for your life right now?

Answer any other questions that come up in your mind. Allow yourself to fully process where you were then and where you are now. Forgive yourself for delaying your own dreams.

If you need more help discovering your true passion, let’s chat or check out this progress through S.E.L.F. The Experiment!

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