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Who Are You?

I spent years answering this question with the same, “I am a mom and I work at XYZ,” up until a couple years ago when the person asking me asked again. She said, “WHO are you” and I began with the same response. She stopped me and shook her head left to right, “WHO are you without what you do?”

I was confused. How am I supposed to answer this question? For as long as I can remember, I had never really known WHO I was until I was made aware of the fact that I am not what I do. I am who I BE.

To answer the question, I am light, love, radiance, joy, and grace. This is the essence of who I am. My name is Tamara and I am raising five boys with my husband Nathan.

This is probably the tenth time I’ve created a blog to share my knowledge with the world, but it’s the first time I’ve had the knowledge necessary to create a blog. Haha! A very valuable lesson here, rushing and forcing only causes delay.

Now that I’ve grown and transformed tremendously, I have created a new desire to write again. You see, I LOVED writing as a young girl, but quickly became distracted by boys and sex by the age of fourteen. My advice to the younger version of myself is, “Life is more enjoyable when you do what you really want to do.”

If we’re just meeting for the first time, welcome. I am very outgoing and my grammar is a work in progress. I speak from my heart and I share everything with love. I am an open book and I’m here when you need a listening ear.

With this blog, I plan to share my transformation journey in a way to help you through your transformation journey if you decided to put forth the actions necessary to grow. I also plan on taking imperfect action every step of the way. There may be days where nothing makes sense or words are spelled funky everywhere. I won’t do it on purpose, but I’m done holding myself back because everything has to be “perfect.” P.S. perfect is an illusion.

I also plan on sharing products and services I use to survive business and life as a work-from-home mom going through an ongoing transformation. This is another area where I held back because I didn’t want to be a spammy pammy. Then I realized how often I use products or services because of a recommendation. Light bulb.

I am looking forward to writing and sharing with you as often as possible because writing is my passion. I hope that you’ll come back to read my new posts often!

Along with sharing here, I’ll also be sharing on YouTube and on The Intentional Detour Podcast!

Thank you for being here! I’d love to know what questions you’d like me to answer! Please ask them in the comments below and I’ll answer them here or on YouTube!

Before you go, I wanna know… WHO are you beyond your roles?

If you need help with this question, you can ask this question on social media, “What five words come to mind when you think of me?” This will allow you to see how others see you.

When you find out who you are come back here and share with me! Bookmark this post to have it for later!

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